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colors by love.

toanoi delivers a joy and happiness through our colorful products.
We collect cute and special fabrics from all around the world, and handcraft one of a kind unique handmade bags.
Our signature KIMONO bags are made with kimono obi fabric (a belt for Kimono) from Japan. These are carefully hand‐embroidered with silk threads.
Obi itself is a piece of an art with its beautiful pattern and its astonishing mix of vivid colors, and toanoi lavishly uses this precious fabrics for our kimono bags.
The toanoi kimono bags are the mix of tradition and modern fashion, the mix of old and new!
All toanoi products are carefully handcrafted with love at toanoi gallery studio which locates in the heart of Bangkok.

トアノイのコンセプトは、Colors by Love.